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Juoko dozė: Suaugę žmonės atkūrė vaikystės nuotraukas

Tikriausiai kiekvienas mūsų stalčiuose slepia krūva gėdingų nuotraukų, kurioms tikrai nederėtų išvysti dienos šviesos.  Kai buvome maži nesupratome, ką reiškia pozuoti, pasirinkti tinkamą kampą, ar deramai nusišypsoti. Šie žmonės iš viso pasaulio pabandė atkartoti vaikystės nuotraukas, pasitelkdami savo brolius ir seseris. Juoko pliūpsnis garantuotas, o gal net verta pabandyti patiems?

Double denim: These brothers decided to get out their dungarees and recreate their old pose 

Spot the fifth family member: These siblings decided to get back in the bath for their picture

All of the stripes: These brothers decided to recreate their funny photo in their short-shorts

Lifting weights: This father proved he was still fit as he lifted up his adult son like the old days 

Fun in the sun: These three brothers certainly don't mind poking fun at themselves 

Young at heart: This mother has to look up rather than down now that her sons have grown up

Nap time: These brothers have a lot more facial hair than in their original photograph

Splashing around: These brothers might be doing the same pose as before but the bath is far more cramped 

Mirror image: This brother and sister have managed to recreate their old picture perfectly 

Still the same: Years may have passed between these photos but they're still kids at heart 

Identical: There might be less room in the bathtub but not much else has changed for these brothers

These three brothers were so eager to recreate the photo that they drew on their trousers

This big brother still doesn't seem overly impressed by his younger sibling even now

Pulling faces: This family still know how to have fun as adults and aren't afraid to have a laugh




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